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How to use Gala’s Google Analytics to understand your audience

Gala has created a set of unique analytics that are built right into your festival site. Did you know you can see how many people have opened a trailer from your program page? Here are some features you may not know about but can start using on your next site!

To get started, simply login to your Google Analytics profile and navigate to Behavior > Events from your google analytics account.

Advanced Google Analytics Add-on

Do your sponsors wonder how much traffic they are getting from sponsoring your event? Do your artists or presenters ever wonder how many people are browsing through their image galleries? Do you ever wonder which videos are most popular on your site?

Gala’s Advanced Google Analytics Add-on will give you details about the following events and where they occurred within your site:

  • Video launched from a slide on the home page
  • Trailer launched from a program page
  • Featured video launched from the sidebar widget
  • Image gallery browsed on a program detail page
  • Sponsor logo clicked

Itinerary Builder Analytics

If you’ve used our Itinerary builder, then you know what a handy feature it is for festival-goers. It allows attendees to share their personal schedule with their social circles to Facebook and Twitter or email it to a friend and can encourage them to purchase tickets! YOU can quickly see how many are using it! IB comes with built-in event tracking for when the following events occur:

  • Program added to itinerary
  • Program removed from itinerary
  • Itinerary downloaded
  • Itinerary printed
  • Itinerary shared (FB, Twitter, & email)

Ticketing Post-Purchase Activity Tracking

Did you know that after customers purchase tickets on your site, they are presented with a link to view a printable and downloadable itinerary of their purchased tickets? We also provide easy links for them to share this itinerary to Facebook. And guess what? We track that too. Our ticketing service comes with the following Google Analytics tracking:

  • Itinerary was clicked on post-purchase
  • Itinerary was shared post-purchase

If you would like to see anything that isn’t listed above, or have any feedback at all please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

-The Gala Team

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