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Gala has a team of developers with a genuine interest in supporting festivals and this is demonstrated in the range of options we offer for all kinds of festivals. The recently launched Gala is an awesome tool for both festival organizers and their audiences. Gala provides festivals with their own high-quality, fully-hosted website that’s easy […]

Built On WordPress

We built Gala on the industry-leading WordPress platform. We’ve found that this makes Gala familiar,  accessible and easy-to-use for many festival organizers.  At the same time, we are able to utilize WordPress’ robust backend to develop a complex selection of features especially for festivals. This simplicity for users and publishers, combined with a robust back-end […]

Theme Customizer

We know that festivals are bored with websites that all look the same, they are ready for something built with their unique style and mission in mind, so that’s what we’ve developed. Your site comes with a WordPress theme that’s been made especially for showcasing festival content, that you can customize to fit your festival’s […]

Full-Featured Blog

Because Gala is built on WordPress, you get all the blogging features that are built into the world’s most popular blogging platform to publish your festival news and develop your festival’s voice: Simplicity The simplicity of WordPress blogs makes it possible for you to get online and get publishing, quickly. WordPress blogs makes it as simple […]

Social Media

Enabling your visitors to share their festival plans and experiences with their social circles and communities is one of the best ways for your festival to build its own followers. To support your festival’s growth, Gala is designed so that: Every program detail page comes with social sharing buttons to share/recommend the program to your […]

Itinerary Builder

Festival-goers can plan their own itinerary straight from the schedule page, without requiring them to create a login. The Itinerary Builder keeps track of start and end times of events, and warns if selected events have less than 15 mins between them. It also keeps track of venue changes between events and lets users know […]

Ticket Sales

Fully integrated online ticket sales with low service charges and instant delivery, to drive up your festival’s attendance. Integrated Ticketing Attendees can purchase tickets straight from any page or tooltip that contains your programs. No more clunky “seamless integration” with third party ticketing providers. The entire checkout process is done without leaving your site, so […]

Mobile Optimized

More and more festival-goers are mobile and on the move. The Gala Festival Engine theme is fully responsive, which means that it automatically adjusts to look great on any size screen, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Your visitors can use the mobile version to read blog updates, find programs, check schedules, watch trailers, and […]

Festival Guide

Publish your festival’s guide with featured programs, trailers, and an advanced search, so festival-goers can quickly find info, and easily discover new interests. Media-Rich Tooltips No matter which theme you choose, you’ll get advanced, media-rich tooltips that make the most useful tasks super easy to find. Watch trailers, read descriptions, and buy tickets, all without […]