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Social Media

Enabling your visitors to share their festival plans and experiences with their social circles and communities is one of the best ways for your festival to build its own followers. To support your festival’s growth, Gala is designed so that:

  • Every program detail page comes with social sharing buttons to share/recommend the program to your users social networks, including Twitter, Facebook,  Google+, and Pinterest.

  • You can add a follow widget to the sidebar that has icons for 17 major services (you select which ones to include)

  • After you build a custom itinerary, there are buttons to share the itinerary to Twitter, Facebook, or to send via email

  • After placing an order, there’s an option to share the itinerary of purchased tickets to Facebook, prepopulated with a message that says,“I just bought tickets to X festival” with a link to the itinerary. This feature helps your festival spread the word and increase ticket sales.