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Gala has a team of developers with a genuine interest in supporting festivals and this is demonstrated in the range of options we offer for all kinds of festivals. The recently launched Gala is an awesome tool for both festival organizers and their audiences. Gala provides festivals with their own high-quality, fully-hosted website that’s easy to set up, with tons of interactive festival-specific features to engage festival communities. It’s even offered FREE to small festivals!*

We’re big festival enthusiasts and had been building festival websites for years as freelance developers. In the time we spent both building and browsing festival sites, we became frustrated with the existing tools that were available for festivals seeking a functioning, high-quality website. Hiring a minimum of two to four separate developers or services was necessary to piece together a blog, festival info, festival guide, online ticketing service, and mobile app. What’s more, some of these services offer so few options for design customization. Lots of festival websites end up looking the same, or aren’t pieced together very seamlessly, making for a very awkward experience. We felt that there was lots of room for improvement in this area.

This was also great for us, because it presented us with a niche service we were perfectly experienced to build. Since festival sites were always our favorite type of project to work on, this was an exciting prospect. We understood the type of system festival organizers and their audiences would be looking for, so that’s what we’ve built!


* Free price for small festivals includes the $500 discount we offer to festivals who use our integrated ticketing system. If you plan to use a separate system to sell your tickets online, please add $500 to the listed price. Please see details on our Pricing page.