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Frequently Asked Questions

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Plans & Pricing


What do the Mini, Mid, and Mega plans include?

All festivals are not one size fits all, so our pricing model is tailored to the variety of festivals we serve. Each plan offers small, medium, and large festivals a complete, easy-to-use, full featured website.  You choose a range of customization options or add-ons.  To see a complete breakdown of each plan, visit our pricing page.

What are the costs of using Gala’s integrated ticketing?

The ticketing fees are $1 per ticket. Your festival has the option to build the $1 into your ticket price, or add the $1. The same option is available with the credit card (Stripe) processing fee, you can pass that onto your users or build it into your ticket price.

Our service works exclusively with so you will need to set up an account with them to have the income from tickets deposited directly to your bank account.

After your festival is over, we will send you an invoice for $1 x the number of tickets sold, whether you have opted to build the fees into your ticket price or not.

What are the credit card fees?

Credit card fees are determined by the processing company, Stripe. Please consult their website to see the most up-to-date fees:

Is the pricing for each scheduled event, does it charge per program in the festival or charge per festival?

The pricing level (Mini, Mid, or Mega plan) is based on how many scheduled events you have. If you have a film that screens twice in your festival, then that would count as two items. If you have a shorts program that screens 10 short films, that would count as one item.

Each time you pay the pricing level, you will receive one complete website. If you want a new website for the following year’s festival, you will need to pay for another site.

Can I demo Gala and see how it works?

Yes! Give us your email and festival name and we will provide you with a login to a fully customizable site where you can add trailers, see how our ticketing works, and so much more! If you decide to sign up, we can copy this site to your own domain so you won’t lose your work.

I would like to sign up for Gala, but I won’t be selling tickets (we are a free festival), do I still need to pay the set-up fee?

Yes, you will still need to pay the set-up fee. The set-up fee provides a fully hosted website with a custom domain, use of the Gala Foundation theme, (which offers over 90 customization options) a mobile version, Google Analytics, and unlimited email technical support.

I may want to sell merchandise online. How does Gala provide that service and what are the fees?

Yes! We offer the ability to sell merchandise; our fee for each item is 3% or $25 (whichever is less). We don’t do shipping or fulfillment, your festival is responsible for that (you can write “pickup instructions” for each merchandise item which are displayed to the customer in their receipt). Many festivals have found this feature useful for selling festival t-shirts, tote bags, or even all-day passes.

What domain can I use?

You can use your own domain or we can give you a free subdomain on We do not sell domains or manage any part of the registration process if you decide to set up your own domain. You will need to purchase the domain and point it at our servers on your own. We will provide all the IP address to you when you need it.

Keep in mind that if you choose to use your own domain, then any existing site you have at that domain will no longer be accessible once you point it at our servers.

Do I need to purchase an SSL certificate to sell tickets or merchandise?

If you use one of our subdomains, it comes with free use of our server’s SSL certificate. If you use your own domain, you will need to purchase your own SSL certificate and have us install it on our servers.

If you are not selling tickets or merchandise through Gala, then there is no need for an SSL certificate.

Do we have the option of a temporary site before our new site is complete?

We can provide you with a demo site at a temporary URL so you can try Gala. If you decide to sign up, we can move your demo site to a permanent home on your own domain.

Do we have access to more than one theme?

We have one feature-packed theme which is specially built to showcase your festival content. Gala’s theme offers over 90 customization page options and page layouts. Some of the options include but are not limited to: the ability to select and rearrange what content blocks show up on your homepage and sidebar, the option to choose colors and font styles. There is no coding knowledge necessary.

Do you offer the Gala theme for download?

Gala is a fully hosted application consisting of many plugins, a custom server environment, plus our festival theme. We do not currently offer the entire setup or any piece for download.

Will I be able to install any plugins on my site?

Gala is a shared environment, which means that all the festivals who use our application are running on the same code. Therefore we do not offer the option for any festival to install their own plugins, themes, or access any php code for security and performance reasons.

We welcome your feedback, so please contact us with comments, questions, or want to know more.